Rocket offers a balanced approach to its in-stock programs.  We offer a wide range of packaging and display items designed to satisfy the full spectrum of retailers and manufacturers. Our in-stock packaging collections can meet any budget from promotionally priced wrapped metal boxes and pouches to lacquer finished wood boxes. Additionally, all of our in-stock boxes can be customized with the imprinting of your logo. Our display and visual merchandising offerings complete our in-stock programs with a variety of display items designed to create a variety of set-up options. From the single small vignette up to the full showcase size, our display programs are capable of outfitting your entire stores merchandise presentation.

in-stock PACKAGING

Our choices range from quality papers and lucite through faux leather, ultra suede, velvet finishes and hand-lacquered woods, all in various styles and colors.

There are 15 lines of stock packaging for you to choose from.

These programs are aimed at providing quick service for the retailer who needs to order by the dozen, the gross, or the thousand, and get quick delivery – usually within a week.

in-stock Display

Our stock displays are tried and true designs to meet every need. We offer single items as well as multiple trays, neck forms, platforms and risers in white and pearl color leatherette fabrics. We can show you how to build your own showcase presentation specifically to meet your merchandising needs.

All of the fine qualities and features found in customized programs can be found in our stock displays. Including price tag covers and magnetic flaps that secure the excess chain when displaying necklaces.

I have been working with Ruth Mendez at Rocket Redbox for quite some time now. She has become a friend and someone I can count on when I have a rush order, which she will attest to is often. I appreciate Rocket and all of Ruth’s hard work.”

Myra Kaercher - Lordos Diamonds