Our creative services team of designers and engineers are ready to transform your ideas, concepts, and visions into reality. We work side by side with you from sketch to 3D rendering. We strive to be unique, innovative, and imaginative in our thinking. Take advantage of our collective retail experience and enjoy this process

Our design team will transform your concepts into prototypes and your vision into reality.
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    Our designers use the ideation phase to consider your vision and needs. We blend together; creativity, size, shape, materials, color, function, storytelling, and your brand image and hammer out design options to consider. This is where our experience in retail is most realized, and most fun!

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    Once the design concept is established the project moves through a phase of refinement and the concept is better defined in 3D computer software programs. Every item in the program is defined in multiple views, individually as well as together so everyone has a clear “picture” of all specifications.

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    Full color renderings bring to life the design in its actual likeness. This is a great way to visualize the idea and selection of materials before the design moves to an actual prototype. We utilize one of best rendering programs available on the market today; and, take pride in the presentations shown to our clients.


Communicating your brand identity is our focus. We understand the importance of gift packaging, its role as the final close of the sale, and how it continues to project your brand image into the homes of the consumer.

We’ve helped develop many retailers and brands establish themselves through well designed signature packaging programs, and would like to do the same for you.

There’s no shape or size we won’t consider when it comes to designing and branding the retailers image into the ideal box. Our designers will take your idea and translate it into a beautiful packaging program.


Whether you’re ready for a new display program, enhancing a current program, or redefining your brands presentation, the ultimate display program is paramount to your success. Rocket is experienced to support your needs, and maximize your real estate.

Our design team will transform your concepts into prototypes and your vision into reality.

Our retail professionals work to support merchandise vendor brands, retailers, and creative directors every day. We are here to do the innovative thinking for you!

We have been working with Rocketbox for several years and they have always been responsive to our needs. Our account is always a priority for them whether it is for items they have on the shelf, or we are working with them on a new design of a program tray. This is the reason we have not looked anywhere else for our program tray displays.”

Diane Adler - SB&T Imports